Pregnancy & Childbirth / Hypno-birthing


Creating important ‘mum’ time full of relaxation and positive thinking as well as reducing stress and anxiety.

Enjoy a stress free and relaxing pregnancy and prepare for a positive and natural experience of childbirth – the best for you and for your baby. 

The power of the mind is extraordinary.  Through understanding and retraining of the brain the client and Hypnotherapist work together to enable the best possible outcome.

Of course we already know that when we are feeling good about ourselves it has a positive effect on those around us and most definitely on the unborn child. 


Mums-to-be using solution focused hypnotherapy before and during childbirth have noticed many benefits.  Among the most usual are:

  • Deeper and more restful sleep both before and after the birth
  • Feeling less worried and anxious about the birth
  • Less worried about life issues in general
  • Fewer digestive problems and less heartburn
  • Lower blood pressure – this can be immensely important to anyone susceptible to high blood pressure, which can lead to pre-eclampsia
  • Labour more often than not begins spontaneously and there is less need for an induction.
  • When fewer or no drugs are used there is less risk of side effects for both mother and baby.
  • Labour is shorter.  When the mother is relaxed and not in pain the muscles in the uterus contract more strongly.  Pain can create resistance in the muscles to contract.  Oxytocin levels, the hormone in control of the strength and duration of the contractions, are as they should be and not reduced by stress.
  • A shorter, relaxed labour means that mum has more energy.
  • When suggestions have been absorbed during trance for being able to stay relaxed and in control no matter what happens, the mother can remain calm, stay in trance and work with the hospital staff in a way that helps everyone.
  • The atmosphere in the labour ward remains peaceful and tranquil.
  • Generally fewer interventions are needed and fewer complications arise.
  • Babies sleep and feed better when they have fewer drugs in their systems.

Altogether, there are many reasons for using Hypnosis and Self-hypnosis and none against.  It cannot cause harm in any way whatsoever when used as described here, in the sessions and in conjunction with the guided relaxation audio recordings provided.

Helping you to feel confident, empowered & calm about the upcoming birth. 

Reminding you of the instinctive resources you have within you to have a natural, relaxed child birth, yet also be able to take those calm, focused, relaxed feelings with you in any changes that may happen along the way. 

These skills are practical and down to earth, easily learned with almost unlimited potential – all you have to do is put in the time  and relax!

Clients usually have at least 4 sessions during their pregnancy starting with the Initial Consultation which lasts for about an hour.  It is beneficial for the birthing partner to attend sessions too if desired.

Are you interested in using self hypnosis for labour and childbirth?

Do you want to be in control of your birth?

Are you looking for an easy, comfortable, and yet drug-free birth?

Hypnobirthing could be the answer you are looking for.

Hypnobirthing is a complete antenatal program intended to help you have the most natural childbirth possible by using easily-learned self hypnosis and breathing techniques.

Whether you are planning a home birth, hospital, or birthing centre, hypnobirthing can help.

Hypnosis is completely natural, safe & relaxing.  You will remain conscious and in complete control during the treatment.

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