Hypnotherapy Puts the Joy back into Life

I know first hand just how powerful hypnotherapy can be in bringing about positive changes.

During therapy with Achieve Change, we spend very little time looking at our clients’ problems, in fact pretty much all of our attention is focused on how our clients want to feel and what they want to be doing – a far more positive approach which means our clients leave each session looking forward to the next! And regardless of what the issue is when we ask that question, ”how do you want to be feeling?” the response we very often get is “I’d be feeling happy again”.

It doesn’t have to be a major life crisis that brings a client to enlist the help of a hypnotherapist. One new client who came to see me this week summed up how many of my clients feel when they seek out my help, “Really, everything seems fine, I have an amazing husband who loves me and a great job.  I should be happy, but I’m just finding it incredibly hard to be happy”.

This is where our ‘solution focused’ approach to hypnotherapy really shines – helping people to re-connect with the joy and good things they have in their lives; by helping them understand what is happening in their brain, why their focus has shifted away from all the good things in their lives and helping them understand the small simple changes they can make to bring that focus back.

For Kate in Wittering it was a familiar story, “Before seeing Carrie I was feeling very low and sad, and nothing seemed to help. Since seeing Carrie I now take notice of the way I feel at the time when I’m feeling low or sad and I put positive actions in place to resolve it and that’s how I control the way I feel now”

For Paul persisting following an injury and a build up of stress had led to constant panic attacks, acute anxiety and a level of depression. “I could not sleep, could not eat, was in pain and permanently close to tears, resulting in my risking losing my job. My relationships with my family and friends were difficult, and I felt totally isolated at home and at work. By chance, I spotted Carrie’s advert and thought I would give hypnotherapy a ho as I had tried everything.  From the start, I felt hopeful as Carrie put me at ease, was warm, caring and positive.  As our regular consultations went on, my attitude and feelings improved. After two weeks, the panic attacks had stopped, I was beginning to take joy in my surroundings and everyday occurrences. With time and care, Carrie helped me to rebuild my self-esteem, treated my concerns, and taught me how to be happy again. I am now back at work, I look forward to the day ahead, and I have control over my own future.  I am no longer in jeopardy of losing my job.. Most importantly, my relationships with family is so improved, I am like a different person.”

If you’ve lost some of the joy in your life and you’d like to find out how hypnotherapy could help you get in touch to book your FREE initial consultation.

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