Bereavement & Grief

Bereavement or the loss of a loved one can be the most devastating experience one has to cope with.

Bereavement, whether of a parent, spouse, child or friend can totally shake our sense of security and remind us just how precious life is.

Bereavement can cause severe feelings of depression and anxiety and once someone is overwhelmed by those feelings it can seem impossible at the time to surface and begin living their own life again.

As the saying goes Life goes on but does it? Some people can become so severely shaken by the loss of their loved one that they may consider ending their own life – others just give up.

This is not an easy subject to deal with; there are several stages of grieving that need to be lived through in order to achieve the ultimate one, which is acceptance.

Hypnosis came into my life at a time of real stress and grief and turned me around completely. 

I have personally experienced the power of hypnotherapy in dealing with complicated grief and this inspired me to train as a solution focused hypnotherapist to be able to help others.