We have all experienced anger within our lives and this is actually a natural primitive response within the brain in order for us to survive.  However, in our modern day lives this can be damaging … you may have experienced it in your own life when we show anger to others they may react with the same response and this rarely resolves the issues that we may have and can actually make the situation worse.  

Anger can be a learnt behaviour and we can unknowingly pass our patterns of anger to our children and the pattern may continue through generations.

Do you ever get really angry and then when you have calmed down you realise that you lost your temper and feel bad? 

When we get angry, we lose intellectual control and revert to our primative instincts to fight.  However when you have calmed down again, you regain intellectual control and look at the situation with a different perspective. 

We can use hypnotherapy to break the cycle of negativity that leads to the anger response helping you to take control of the situations which previously have caused you to get angry and lose intellectual control … restoring more positive and appropriate responses and so helping you to become the person you would like to be.