If you need booze or drugs to enjoy your life to the fullest, then you’re doing it wrong.”

– Robin Williams RIP

Alcohol is only a problem when you feel unable to lead a normal life or feel unable to cope without it.  This may mean that you have an uncontrollable desire for alcohol – this can be extremely difficult for a person to recognise and accept.    In addition, it can cause issues in your relationships, employment and can also affect you financially.

There are many reasons why you may be alcohol dependent and can include family members, friends, the fact that alcohol is so readily available and socially acceptable … genetic factors can also play a role … it can also be a learned behaviour. 

It is difficult for people who do not suffer from alcohol dependency to understand how you are unable to just stop … addictions make the individual feel that the need to have the alcohol is more important than food and water.  Sometimes this can just be events that have happened making you feel the need to forget and you find that  alcohol can help you to escape for a short period … but this is a costly, short fix.

When you are not in control of your life and are relying on alcohol, you may also experience feelings of guilt, shame and sorrow … and find it hard to control it on your own. 

You may be drinking to avoid issues in your life … or just because you can … but excessive drinking can affect your sleep patterns and although you may initially fall to sleep, you may be waking up in the night unable to get back to sleep so when morning comes you probably feel groggy and not as alert and ready to face the day as you could be.

It is not only the units of alcohol … wine, beer and cocktails are all high in calories … so drinking alcohol regularly is bad for your health, skin, waistline, mood and your energy levels.

Most people can drink alcohol from time to time without it becoming an issue and relying on it.  The Government guidelines can be seen at:

There are many health issues related to consuming large amounts of alcohol which include:-

heart failure


damage to your brain and nervous system


liver cirrhosis

Symptoms of alcohol abuse

persistent drinking

a craving to drink

mood changes

loss of control

lack of concentration

loss of memory

being able to drink more without effect

losing interest in hobbies and day to day life

physical symptoms include sweating, anxiety, shaking and nausea

You may need to see your GP to obtain prescribed medication to help you with the withdrawal symptoms and you should consult your GP to discuss this further. 

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy focuses on the positives in your life instead of the negatives and can be useful in the treatment of addictions by helping to find a different and more positive attitude towards alcohol and I will work with you to move forward more positively.