Welcome to my page my name is Carrie Taylor-Bevan and I am currently in my final stages of  my diploma to become a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist (SFH)/Psychotherapist here at CPHT in Peterborough.
I personally know what a powerful tool SFH is and how it can change your life for the better. During my own journey I’ve managed to take myself from a place of fear , anxiety and depression to one of joy, contentment and peace.   I have learnt how to feel happy again every day. I learnt how to sleep better, how to reduce my anxiety, and even more  I stopped allowing  others to define who I am and now look forward to an amazing future.

Since starting this journey I’ve been completely overwhelmed by the power and potential of hypnotherapy, and combined with a  passion to help people to be the absolute best they can  be,  I devote my time to helping others achieve change by guiding them and giving them the  tools they need to feel happier, calmer and self-assured  every day.